Opening a sister site of KISANA LINES, a video library.

Kisana Lines is a video library which documents
and stocks stories interwoven with all things on earth
for future generations.

“A piece of a story”

“A piece of a story” is like a seedbed of KISANA LINES stories.
We support and empower producers
who make things with love for all things on earth
by producing and streaming their short films.

This site is also an open page,
Just like a field waiting for new seeds.
We hope you will enjoy watching
what will blossom in our open field.

Here is our first “piece of a story”… .

Piece 01AWAJI (indigo) LAND project

AWAJI (indigo) LAND project

This is a story about a couple who moved to Awaji Island from Osaka and produce indigo dye textiles.
They grow indigo from seeds with natural farming techniques and use traditional dye called “Sukumo” made of fermented indigo leaves.
They sell their products at their home studio/shop, dye clothes to order with extra care and effort, and organize introductory indigo dyeing workshops to share the joy and beauty of indigo dye.
They also began making/selling indigo-tea using indigo stems, so they don’t waste any part of their indigo, which they call “Onokoro ai” (indigo) and cherish.

We, KISANA LINES, look forward to their further activities, which offer a bridge from the traditional indigo dyeing techniques of ancient Japan to the future.

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